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  1. Social Dancing – Exclusion from scope


‘Social Dancing’ prior to the COVID pandemic was a term used to describe various dance styles that were practiced but did not form part of competitive dance or ‘Dance Sport’. Using the term ‘Social Dancing’ during the COVID pandemic has created unnecessary confusion to the general public due to the Restrictions on Businesses, Activities, and Undertaking Direction restricting the use of dance floors for purposes outside of Dance Studios or Dance Classes.

To alleviate the potential for concern with the term ‘Social Dancing’ the term ‘Recreational Structured Partner Dancing (RSPD)’ has been developed and should be used by Organisations when communicating their activity. The practice of RSPD is conducted by Community Dance Clubs or Dance Studios who wish to learn, maintain, or practice their skills in dance through structured activity.

Examples of RSPD activities include, but are not limited to, dance genres such as:

  • Ballroom and Sequence dancing such as Standard, Latin, Smooth, Rhythm, New Vogue, Latin & Old Time

  • Swing, Rock n Roll, Rock-a-billy, Modern Jive & West Coast Swing

  • Tango & Street Latin

  • Barn Dancing, Square Dancing & Line Dancing

To be defined as an RSPD the activity must be structured by:

  • The use of a pre-determined program of accepted dances


  • Having the dances, dance steps, or movements called by an instructor or coordinator.

To ensure that the RSPD activity is COVID Safe the activity organiser must:

  • apply all the conditions of the DPPA Plan to the activity as applicable

  • determine maximum participant numbers based on the 1 person per 4m2 rule in all venue sizes

  • minimise partner changes as much as practicable with hand sanitation between each change

  • group participants within the space for the duration of the activity based on the maximum numbers determined by the Restrictions on Movements and Gatherings Direction

Additional considerations for RSPD Activities:

  • No alcohol is to be consumed at or directly prior to the activity

  • Must not be conducted in venues covered by the Approved COVID Safe Industry Plan for Hotels, Clubs, Nightclubs or Adult Entertainment Venues unless

    • There is a segregated entrance to the dance space and under a private venue hire agreement; or

    • It is outside of the venues operating hours and under a private venue hire agreement

  • Live music performers, such as bands or singers, must be separated by no less than 4 metres from all participants, personnel, spectators, and guests

Where food and drink are to be consumed:

  • Patrons must be appropriately physically distance while drinking (irrespective of beverage type) and dining-in.

  • Food supplied by participants is for personal use only (I.e. no shared platters or table food is permitted)

  • Food supplied by a food service operator under the conditions of the COVID Safe Industry Food Service Plan. Patrons may order, pay, and collect food and drinks at a bar or service counter.







Membership is available to both professionals and amateurs.

If you would like to join this worthwhile society an application form is available o­n this website.

The QADS is a state-based society working towards the betterment of dancing in Queensland.

It achieves this in a number of ways, e.g. Workshops/Seminars, sponsorship to assist various regional and Brisbane competitions, promotion of dance studios, the production of the Dance Venues Booklet, etc.

  Please Direct all enquiries (or requested changes) to  Alan Boulton  on  07 3269 9444 or 0418 982 917.

  Email :-  exec(at)qads(dot)org(dot)au
  or  Judy Wilson on 07 3264 4482   Email:-  acounts(at)qads(dot)org(dot)au


Trish Heidke  on  07 3353 4636  Email :-  ceo(at)qads(dot)org(dot)au

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